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Our club is based at Redbridge Community School, Southampton. We are looking to expand to other venues in the area and will keep you updated as the club develops. You will then be able to train at any or all of the sessions included in your monthly enrolment fee.

My name is Richard Monkcom and I have been training in the art of Tae Kwon-Do for the past 20 years. I am a third degree Black Belt, qualified umpire, referee, first aid qualified and enhanced DBS checked. I have looked into other martial arts but always came to the same decision that TKD has everything and is without doubt the martial art for all - young and not so young, men and women and in fact all the family.

Our classes will not just teach you self defence, but how to apply the values of TKD to your everyday life. Each session is varied and allows all ability levels to practice together. We focus on keeping fit with warm up and cool down exercises, whilst the core elements of the classes include line work & patterns (learning sequences of moves), light contact sparring, games and you will even learn some of the Korean language that we use in class.

We will prepare you for gradings so that you can move up through the levels and be awarded new belts on a regular basis. The more you train, the more successful you will be. Each level comes with new patterns and moves that will improve your muscle memory and self defence skills. 

My aim is to make you competent in a self defence situation and to recognise the signs of a potential threat. If there is no way of avoiding the threat, to teach you how best to defend yourself from an array of attacks including weapons.

Following your 2 free beginner sessions, when you join us, you will receive your licence book with membership to Tae Kwon DO 4 Life, The International Tae Kwon Do Council and your annual insurance. We will supply your new Dobok, a white suit and belt worn for training, gradings and any public events that you may wish to attend. We have club T shirts and training bottoms to wear in the dojang if you prefer to train in these.  

I have been training for over 20 years and teaching for over 16 years, starting with helping out in class and later taking full classes of all ages and levels of ability. Giving back the knowledge I have acquired so far is my goal and to continue to learn and progress for my own self improvement. My mission is to make you the best martial artist and practitioner of self defence that you can be.


Tae Kwon-Do 4 Life is life changing -

Will you decide to make that change?

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