What people say about our Club...


"Richard is a fantastic teacher and friend. I trained with him at a previous school and he was more than capable of teaching a class of over 40 people to a high standard. I love the importance of accuracy that he maintains and he has a great eye for detail which helps to correct mistakes during training. His classes are suitable for all ages and abilities and keeping contact light means you can exercise and learn in a relaxed environment without the worry of getting hurt - but still learn the importance of discipline and control. Highly recommend to all." - Aimee, Salisbury


"Mr Monkcom has welcomed my family and I into his club and re-invigorated my love for Tae Kwon-Do. He is calm, warm and patient and incredibly focused and passionate and I feel proud to be apart of his club." - Justyn, Southampton


Tae Kwon-Do is a really fun and friendly club. Richard (the instructor) is extremely knowledgeable and great at helping you to perfect your technique so that you can can go to gradings and progress further with the martial art. Tae Kwon-Do is fantastic for your fitness, health, and mental health, and I'd recommend Tae Kwon-Do 4 Life to everyone!" - Jamie, Southampton


"Mr Monkcom is a kind and patient teacher, who excels in instruction. His focus on real-world scenarios helps bring an element of reality into the martial arts practice, and his in-depth explanations of the reasoning behind the techniques and moves that we learn produce a greater interest in all. In the last 20 years of studying Tae Kwon Do, I have never met a more kind or dedicated person." - Austin, Ringwood

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