Our vision is to teach traditio martial art and to make you the best that you can be. We cannot all be world champions but we can all surpass our own expectations. Our philosophy is to train and live by the tenets of TKD:


Mind Body Spirit Soul

Getting started


The first exercise is called Sajo Jarugi or 4 directional punch. This will lay the foundation for future patterns and we allow approximately 3 months training before you can take your first grading as a 10th Kup white belt. If successful you will rise to a Yellow stripe 9th Kup.

Korean Flag

Set sparring

Here you will begin with 3 step set sparring which will teach you the fundimentals of self defence. A set defence and attack against three consecutive punches. Later we move to 2 step which is more complex in its attack and defence and finally to 1 step sparring which is arguably as life like as is possible in a controlled environment.

Free Sparring

Free sparring


Free sparring is the sport side of the martial art and goes hand in hand with the set sparring to enhance your self defence skills. There are strict rules on the way we spar and there is minimal contact. Safety gear is worn including shin pads, foot protectors, hand protectors, head guard, groin protector for men, chest guards for women (optional) and gum shield. Class sparring is good natured and safe. Competitions are available for those wishing to compete.

Paterns - Taekwondo Belts



Patterns are a series of self defence moves against an imaginary opponent set in a logical sequence. Patterns teach us body control, breathing techniques, foot movement, balance and it is the only way in which we are able to master these skills.

Yin and Yang

Fitness, Confidence and Well being


Throughout your training session, you will be adding core strength, posture, better breathing and a more toned body. You will see your confidence grow from the very first session as you learn to understand your body, its abilities and your inner strength as well as an improved outer strength.